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Object Models in Component Entity Systems

The main approach I'm currently playing with in Component Entity Systems (CES) is Components systems (ComponentType) handle functionality and instantiation.  Components themselves wrap functionality around data in the ComponentType pool.

The question I'm often asking myself:

are there any advantages to storing all Entity data in one place? (effectively building a custom dynamic object model on top of C++)


Component based Game Entity Systems

I've done a lot of thinking about Entity Systems over the last five years, with literally hundreds of designs and implementations sitting on my hard drive.

It's one of those puzzles I've always enjoyed:

  • it's difficult, and no perfect solution is immediately visible
  • but you can feel that elegance is just beyond your grasp

I've been revisiting old research over the last few days having written a couple more complete testbeds just to see if a couple questionable bottlenecks have been elegantly solved elsewhere - but I need to stop thinking about it for a couple of days, so now I'm going to dump a bunch of links into this post for later perusal.