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Concurrency is breaking computer science!

Over the last forty years or so, we've slowly stepped away from the experimental phase of computer programming as more and more opinionated people committed themselves to the task of formalising the approaches.

This has resulted in many wonderful things.

And many long arguments about which brace style is best.

By extension, it's also produced a large quantity of computer science pedants and elitists.   These people are currently having the absolute taking out of their slightly mightier-than-thou step as all the rules they've so carefully memorised get thrown out of the window in preparation for the land of the highly multi-processor computer.

If I gave any impression that I planned on going somewhere with this thought, I apologise.

I was merely going to write that I suspect the Bubble Sort may actually be quite an efficient routine when parallelised.  Is it inherently more parallelisable than other algorithms?


(edit: found this article on Dr Dobbs after a quick poke around)